How can I improve the quality of service?

Hi all. I just recently started my own business. I opened an express beauty salon. Many people are very happy with this speed of work, because for many people it is convenient. But also, many people complain about the quality of service. I am a newcomer in this field, and do not know all the subtleties. How can I improve the quality of service?


  • Running your own business is not an easy task, because you always have to learn and develop, make new things and improve your services. A beauty salon is always associated with the client not only with quality services, but also with a good and reverent attitude.
    Organize continuous training of employees.
    Assess the quality of service of your company.
    Hire "your" people and form their common vision of the company's purpose.
    Invest in new technology.
    Empower your employees.
    You can also turn to B2B (read more here

  • You should probably change your staff if people complain about the quality of service. Even if the technician is good, he is still spoiled by a lack of manners and respect for the customer.

  • Tools like not just automates but eases you process of lead management; transfer your leads from Facebook/Instagram automatically to the system you need; automatically send costs from your advertising system, CRM system or Google Sheets to Google Analytics.
    Hope this helps!

  • My simplest advice would be to ask around in a community connected to whatever sphere you are in and find people who have outsourcing experience who can share with you their own observations with customer service team here . Asking here will just get you a bunch of business advertisements and vague answers, mostly because you narrow down your question a bit more with some details before you can really get a useful answer to your question.

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