How to manage to really relax with children in Montenegro?

The radio in our car broke down, so the next day the owner of the rental asked us to swap cars and we got a brand new Volkswagen with absolutely everything working. And in Montenegro it is rather a miracle. Someone may now begin to feel sick from my positive, and this someone will suddenly stop believing my word, but still believe me: this attitude helps in everything. And I quite often travel with two children on trips and all that saves is to look at all the problems through my fingers. Or just ignore them altogether.

Of course, there are also disadvantages: mountain roads with pits, traffic jams, clogged parking lots, dirty rental child seats and not very clean high chairs in restaurants. Almost everyone does not understand English, with the exception of young people, and you speak in simplified Russian, actively gesticulating. Sometimes the soup will be too spicy, or there will be a queue at the pharmacy while your child is yelling in the street waiting for you. But it will never be perfect. In every country and every trip, you need a couple of days to adapt and understand what's what. Therefore, I am trying to collect all the tips for you so that you can adapt on occasion a little easier and faster.

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