A couple of reflection essays of around 1-2 pages, 2 safety/prevention posters and a presentation were all required. This is my third semester in a BSN program.
I'm a professor. I coordinate the clinical and teach OB nursing. Each week, my students must write a 400-500 word essay for class and a short informal paper of 400-500 words for clinical. This can vary between institutions, classes, and professors.
Communication is vital in nursing practice. Good communication skills are crucial for the development of a therapeutic nurse/patient relation. This essay will discuss communication in nursing and show how it facilitates a therapeutic nurse-patient relationship. This will be accomplished by defining communication, referring to communication models and explaining the different communication skills that can be used in practice.

Nurses must reflect on their communication skills in order to be able to communicate effectively and have meaningful communication. Reflection gives nurses the opportunity to get a better understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses, and to identify areas for improvement in future practice (Taylor 2001). Another goal is to reflect on the use of communication skills in nursing practice. A variety of models for reflection will also be reviewed. An example of a reflective account of an experience that occurred during placement will also be presented. The reflective account will include a description of the incident, analysis of thoughts and feelings, and an evaluation of the events. The reflective account will also include a description of the incident, an analysis of thoughts and feelings, and a plan for dealing with similar situations in the future.
Communication is the sending, receiving and decoding of information between two or more persons (Balzer–Riley 2008). It involves a variety of communication skills. In a nursing context, this mainly focuses on patient listening and information sharing (Weller 2002). The process of receiving and sending messages can be described as simple or complex (Rosengren 2000, McCabe 2006 p.4). This process is used by nurses constantly to communicate and receive information from patients, coworkers, other people they come in contact with, and their families.
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