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  1. Kids My kids see this! What these people actually Mexico Phone Number List say is “I have no problem with , BUT …” and such conditional flexibility is of course no flexibility. The various advertising agencies make rules about what Mexico Phone Number List may and may not be broadcast around children's programmes. The Advertising Code Foundation does this in NL , but almost every country has such a watchdog. The complaint of the parents would (perhaps) be justified when it comes to violence, strong Mexico Phone Number List language, unhealthy products or sex. In the case of Marketing the Rainbow, offense is taken very quickly.

And the children are really not allowed to Mexico Phone Number List see anything that indicates anything other than house-tree-beast. This 2008 British commercial by Heinz in which two men shared a kiss was meant to be comical: Mother the woman prepares packed lunches like a true New York-Italian chef. Kiss. After the ad Mexico Phone Number List regulator received about 200 complaints that it was offensive and inappropriate, Heinz withdrew this TV ad and apologized to viewers. A closer look at the complaints Mexico Phone Number List showed that most were from the US, organized by the circles around the certified hate group American.

Family Association as "a coordinated Mexico Phone Number List homophobic campaign" — after the notoriously reactionary Fox News host Bill O'Reilly on his broadcast taunted about it. The clip was never shown in the US. Complaints centered on it being "unfit to be seen by children" and that this raised the difficult problem Mexico Phone Number List of parents discussing the issue of same-sex relationships with younger viewers. However, the ad had an ex-kids restriction, meaning it was not shown on or around children's Mexico Phone Number List programs, as Heinz Deli Mayo does not adhere to watchdog Ofcom's TV ad restrictions on products high in fat, salt and sugar .
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