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Topic Title: Indwelling vs Non-indwelling Foley Catheter
Topic Summary: Which is appropriate for ED coding/charging, 51701 or 51702?
Created On: 08/12/2009 04:56 AM

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 08/12/2009 04:56 AM
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There is a continual battle with the contract company coding our ED cases and the HIM dept regarding the above issue. Based on CPT Asst, 51701 is used for intermittent cath or catheterization to obtain postvoid residual and then removed from the pt. 51702 is used when insertion of a temp indwelling bladder cath will remain in place for a period of time. Unfortunately, they do not define the time period.

We have pts present to our ED, no true urinary dx as reason for visit, cath is placed, urine is obtained and a few hrs (at the most I've seen 3 hrs documented) later removed and pt discharged home. HIM believes it is inappropriate to charge either code for this based on the definition from the AMA as well as the AUA, American Urology Association.

Any thoughts on the subject would be greatly appreciated...references supporting either side would be even more appreciated!

Thanks and God Bless!

Anita L Rickman, CCS
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 10/21/2009 11:50 AM
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Actually at the inpatient hospital I work at we code both.

It is not appropriate to report CPT code 51701, Insertion of non-dwelling bladder catheter for residual urine, if the urine is obtained by catherization for urine analysis(no urinary dx or symptoms). Instead report HCPCS code, P9612, Catherization for collection of specimen, single patient, all places of service, when the urine specimen is obtained from a patient using a straight catheter. Cpt code 51701, insertion of non-dwelling bladder cath(straight) should only be reported when performed independently, for example, when obtaining residual urine ( if they have urinary dx or symptoms).

We have always coded 51702 when a foley is inserted in the ED. The only time we don't code it is if it is part of another procedure.

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